Exceptional people, lasting results...

Our Process

Our targeted search process and state of –the-art resources enables us to identify candidates with the qualifications that concisely match our client’s needs and corporate culture.

Mission Statement and Philosophy

For Employers: Our mission is to manage hiring projects of every description so that they attract the most qualified candidates in the market place for our employers, reduce employee turnover, at the lowest possible cost, within given timelines, applying the finest tools and expertise available today.
We know that successful companies require exceptional people; the “right candidate” drives the growth of an organization.  As a trusted advisor to our clients, we aim to create a lasting impact on their business.

Exceptional people, lasting results

For Job Seekers: For our career seeker community, we work to understand individual goals and objectives in order to present the most applicable opportunities aligned with experience and employment aspirations.  This will be executed with the utmost respect and confidentiality.

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Customized Career Coaching

How can we work together?  Whether you are in a mid-career and looking for more fulfillment or you have been forced back into the job market because of downsizing.   Job coaching is a program set up to assist candidates in a changing market.  After many requests we are offering our services “ala carte” for those candidates NOT interviewing with our clients but would still like the guidance, partnership, and counseling, that our years of recruiting expertise has to offer.

  1. Highly effective resume writing
  2. Job search planning
  3. Self Marketing packages and strategies
  4. Interview Coaching –step by step role playing, on how to answer those much asked interview questions. Closing the interview, and building confidence to successfully land your “dream job!”
  5. Salary negotiations

 If you want to explore coaching as an option, schedule your free personal coaching introduction session today. The purpose of this coaching session is for you to have an opportunity to better understand my coaching style and approach, directly experience how coaching can benefit you and ask specific questions regarding the coaching process, fees, scheduling, etc. Your introduction coaching session will last approximately 30-45 minutes.


I highly recommend Ms. Collins and believe that if you partner with her on an exclusive search, you will very quickly recognize the value of her expertise, and rest easier knowing that “good employees” are not as “hard to find” as you once thought they were." Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Details of the Recommendation: "I am a Human Resource professional with over 10 years of experience as a Generalist and Manager in divisional and corporate settings. I have worked for industry leading companies ranging in size from a $130 million private company to a $1.1 billion public company.

Having worked with many recruiters, I have nothing but high regard for Ms. Collins’s experience and expertise coupled with her high level of integrity and ethics that often come into play in the recruiting profession. I have partnered with Ms. Collins to fill positions domestically and internationally (Canada, California, Indiana, New Jersey, and Wisconsin) and can say with confidence that she is one of the top recruiters in her field. Her allegiance is to the company she is partnering with and she will not compromise that relationship for the sake of a placement of candidate that does not show long term promise.

Any recruiter can find a body to match a job description, but Ms. Collins is one of the few who goes beyond that to ensure that there is an overall cultural match with the company and with the personalities within a department. Her success and longevity in the field speaks for itself as an independent recruiter, but it also means that if she is asking you for and exclusive search, she often has the ability exclusively work on your search, within her schedule.

Commitment + Action = Success